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venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

MAGNETIC UNREST: Earth's polar magnetic field is unsettled as our planet moves deeper into a stream of solar wind that arrived on Feb. 16th. Last night in Alaska, first contact with the stream turned skies green over Fairbanks, Alaska:
"My eyes were glued to the sky waiting for news about the Poker Flats Research Range, where some rockets were scheduled to be launched," says photographer Sacha Layos."The mission was eventually scrubbed because of weather issues, but the aurora put on a nice little show starting at at 8p.m.!"

The solar wind stream responsible for the display is flowing from a long canyon-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere. It could affect our planet's space environment throughout the weekend. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Feb. 17th. Free: Aurora alerts.


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